How to go to Chilling Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Bharu?

Since my last visit to Chilling, lots of people have been asking on how to get there. Well, I simply said, use google's map. Not that I am being sarcastic, but the fact is, thats how I manage to get there.

The question has been repeating and I think I should blog it down. Sharing is caring? Ehehe! Below is what I did to get the map from google.

Sungai Chiling
Sungai Chiling
  1. First, open a browser.
  2. Type
  3. The landing page should have 2 columns. On the right, is the world map. On the left, there will be some links/menu. If ok, go to step (5)
  4. If you cant see the left column, there is an arrow (>>) on the top-left of the map. Click to expand the column.
  5. Click on "Get Directions" link
  6. There are two boxes, labelled as (A) and (B). In (A), type in where is your origin. As everyone knows where KLCC is, type in "Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia". Sometimes, the app doesnt recognise "KLCC" or any other place. Normally it will give you some recommendation.
  7. In box (B), type in "55, Malaysia" as your destination. I cant recall why did I put 55. So, dont ask me.
  8. Click "Get Directions" button.
  9. The map will show you the direction (highlighted in blue) from point A to B. Use zoom in/out to see the details.
  10. Done
I think this should be enough to help you to get to Chilling. Visit WaterfallsOfMalaysia to get more information.

Estimate time to get to Chilling (base from my previous visit);
1) Sentul - Chilling Parking lot : 1 hour (normal driving speed)
2) Parking Lot - waterfall : <> 1 hour (trekking)


*****************updated on Feb 2014


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  1. Ish2...nape la sampai teruk sgt org bertanya...maybe sb x pernah pi tempat2 camtu kot...dan maybe x biasa dgn benda2 IT nie kot...X pe, bagus sebenarnya share experience kita...